10 amazing facts about February

Can you believe it’s already February? Just the other day, we were busy wishing
each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and probably overeating and
partying like the holiday season would never come to an end. And now, well… we
are 45 days into the year 2019 and everything has kicked in to full gear with a hive
of activities.

Fortunately for us, February is the shortest month of the year, and FunFacts will
make it even shorter and interesting with some fun amazing facts about the month.
So, without further ado, let’s get to it…

28 or 29 Days of the Month…
Well, this is a rather obvious and common fact, but still interesting to note: February
is the second month of the year and it usually has 28 days or 29 days, making it the
only month of the year without 30 or more days. The 29th day of February happens
after a cycle of 4 years, with such years known as the Leap Years.

The 4-year Wait for A Birthday Celebration
Interestingly, if you happen to be one of those rare people born on February 29th, it
therefore means that you only get to celebrate your birthday once in every 4 years.

Zodiac Signs and Other Key Symbols of February:

February zodiac sign

 Aquarius and Pisces: These are the two Zodiac signs of February. In 2019,
Aquarius starts on January 20 to February 19, while Pisces starts on
February 20 and ends on March 20.
 Primrose and Violet Flowers: Although Roses are sold most in February
due to Valentine’s Day (which we will discuss here soon on FunFacts ), the
Primrose and Violet Flowers are considered as the symbolic flowers
representative of the month of February.
 Amethyst: This is regarded as the Birthstone of February. You can read
more about birthstones for every month and their significance on this link .

Length of February was once 23 Days
Did you know that the length of February changed over time and at one point had a
few as 23 days? Well, according to the annals of history, February was officially
added to the Roman calendar in 713 BC with debates over the length of the month.
But when Julius Caesar decided to remake the Roman calendar, February was
assigned 29 days during leap years and 28 days during normal years, as was
mentioned earlier.

February Has Month Twins!
The months of February, March and November are considered Month Twins, given
that these three months always start on the exact same day of the week (when
February has 28 Days). During Leap Years, February usually has a Month Twin of
August. Pretty interesting, right?

Origin of the Word February
The word February was reportedly coined from the name ‘Februa’ which was
derived from the Roman “Festival of Purification” that is held on February 15 (during
the full moon in the old lunar Roman calendar). For the Romans, the root ‘februo’
means “I purify by sacrifice.”

No Full Moon in February?!?
According to scientists, the mean Lunar month is calculated at 29 days 12 hours 44
minutes. Taking into account hat February can only have 28 or 29 days (making it
shorter than the lunar cycle), it means that February the only month of the year in
the Lunar calendar that CAN pass without a full moon!

February and its Varying Seasons

While February is popularly known as the third month of Winter and most parts of
the Northern Hemisphere like the North America, the Southern Hemisphere
February is regarded as a summer month, an equivalent of the month of August.

Worth noting is that, in many African countries (and other similar regions), there are
only two distinctions when it comes to seasons; the dry season and the rainy
season. In this regard, February is generally considered as as dry season, making
it a great time for traveling.

How to Say February in Other Languages
Due to the short length of the month, the Welsh apparently call February “y mis
bach” which translates to “little month”.

In Old English, February was called Kale-monath (Kale or cabbage month) or
Solmonath (Mud month).

Below are other ways to say February in other popular languages:
 Spanish – febrero
 French – février
 Chinese (Mandarin) – èryuè
 Italian – febbraio
 Danish – februar
 Latin – Februariu

February is Among the Most Misspelled Words in English
Language experts say that February is among the most misspelled words in
English…and that includes native English-speaking countries like the USA. I don’t
know about you, but I can spell it just fine:)

!BONUS SECTION! Noteworthy Dates and Celebrations in February
Apart from the famed annual celebration of Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February,
here are other noteworthy dates and celebrations in the month:
 In the USA, February is considered as the month for celebrating Black
history. Canada also considers February as the month for commemorating
important events and people in the African-America (Black) history.
 Food foodies in the USA, February is the Hot Breakfast month (Don’t ask
me, your guess is as good as mine!).
 In the USA, February is considered as the National Pet Dental Health month
(Really!?! Pent Dental Health? Americans will always be Americans.LOL).
 The first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar is usually between
January 21 and February 20, marking the Chinese New Year. In 2019, the
first day of the Chinese New Year was on Tuesday, February 5th.
 In commemoration of George Washington, who was the first president of the
United States of America, Americans usually have the Presidents’ Day on
the third Monday of February each year, which is a public holiday in most US
States. Records indicate, though, that George Washington’s birthday is on
February 22. For some, the President’s Day also serves as a celebration of
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, the revolutionary 16th president of the United
States, who was born on February 12th.

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