10 Reason Christiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player

 With more than 600 goals to his name, Christiano Ronaldo is one of
the greatest goalscorers of all-time football has ever witnessed. He’s
Amazing abilities both inside and outside the penalty area also see him
 handed penalty and free-kick responsibilities for both club and country 
with 78 set piece goals to his name for ., but his decisive goals are actually
things that make a difference. but the best possible way to make a difference
is by scoring goals, He is a complete package. He has got goals, skills, assists,
pace, agility, etc is Ronaldo the best:-

  1. He holds the records for most goals scored in both the Champions League and the European Championship.
  1. He is arguably the best in terms of headers. So far he’s scored many crucial goals by the header.
  2. Freekicks He has scored 58 career free kick goals, record 13 in the UCL ]
  3. Penalties 
  4. 83% conversion rate
  5. Long shots
  6. [ has scored a goal from 40 yards out ]
  7. Speed has got blistering speed which helps him score many goals on the Counterattack ]
  1. Off the ball movement [ helps him get into better and easy goal scoring position 
  2. He has scored some exceptional goals with his left weak foot, eg in the champions league game between Real Madrid and Porto.
  3. Leadership Ronaldo was subbed off just 24 minutes into the game but his presence was felt as he motivated and encouraged his players from the sidelines which eventually helped his team win the tournament.
  4. He has countless times proved himself both in the domestic league both in EPL and La Liga and currently Series A.
  1. Ronaldo posess positive energy and is actually the most criticized player ever yet in football fraternity. Despite these critics, his performance is exceptionally on the pitch. Another factor, his arch-rival Lionel Messi by 2012 had 4 Ballon d’ors and Ronaldo had one. This did not stop him and now he has already equaled the number and according to stats he was poised to get the fifth one which could record-breaking in most Ballon d’or wins.

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