10 foods you should Not reheat

So you went for dinner last night and chances are you brought home the leftovers and they’re sitting in your fridge. Before you break up and pop it in the microwave, here are 10 types of food that might turn out poisonous when reheated and better eaten cold


  • Weather in a soup or stir-fried, reheating mushroom is a no no.What happens after reheating their composition of protein changes in the microwave.This can cause a stomach upset and also lose their health benefit.


eggs are packed with protein that change when reheated. this can wreak havoc on your digestive system,.Eggs can become toxic when exposed to a microwave high temperatures. if you reheating an omelet or a hard-boiled egg this can be very harmful, reheated eggs can taste rubbery and bland.But if you have to heat previously cooked eggs ,The food and beverages administration in many counties advises that reheated eggs must reach an internal temperature of 165F( 74C). Microwaving raw eggs in their shell instead of boiling them can explore making them a major burn risk


A bowl of leftover rice seems harmless, but reheated rice can make u sick, it all depends on how it was prepared though in the first place. If the rice wasn’t washed before cooking it might contain spores of bacteria.

Even if the rice is cooked , boiling water won’t kill the bacteria. The fact is after the rice cools off to room temperature, its bacteria spores multiply, therefore, reheating it keeps the bacteria alive. If you eat reheated rice you at risk of getting severe vomiting and diarrhea that could last up to 6 hours.

Breast milk or formula

You can sometimes reheat regular milk, well breast milk must be completely kept out of the microwave.

Many mums like to pump breast milk and keep it in a freezer which can be a life saver on trips of you leaving the baby with the nanny. however when it comes the the time to reheat the breast milk you should never heat it in a microwaves because an even distribution of heat can create hot spots in the milk which can seriously burn the poor baby who drinks it.

additionally, carcinogens can also rear their ugly heads when you reheat breast milk in plastic bottles, according to FDA, You Should first thaw the milk or formula and then reheat it in a pot over the stove you can also submerge the bottle in hot tap water and let it heat that way.

Chicken and processed meat

Just like the mushroom reheating chicken can change food protein compound and make one very sick.unlike other meat like beef. chicken contain a high amount of protein which makes, reheating it in a microwave a bad idea. If you dare reheat the chicken, its best to you microwaves to a lower temperature and hit it for a little longer than you would with other foods.

Processed meat also often contain chemicals and preservatives so that they can last longer in stores shelves. When you micro wave a lot of this proceeded meats, they can experience chemical changes like oxidized cholesterol. according to research, the cholesterol oxidization that occurs after reheating of processed meats has been connected on case of coronary heart disease ,

If your not sure if the meat you reheating is processed you would probably better to be on the side of caution and eat cold the following day, chop it and put in a salad perhaps.


Ever bring home leftover french fries from a night out, you might wanna eat them cold, reheating potatoes can be toxic, similar to rice, its all about what you do with them once they’re cooked. If you place cook potato in the fridge directly after cooking them, it’s probably safe to reheat them. however, if they sit out at room temperature for a while after they were prepared, they are more likely to develop arear bacteria known us BOTULISM, these bacteria multiply if the potatoes are left out at room temperature for too long.

Celery, spinach, and beets

What do all these there have in common beside being most anti junk food ever.

hey all have a high concentration of nitrates .nitrates are big of a deal if you’re intending to reheat food that contains them. nitrates turn into carcinogenic nitrites when reheated and can be seen in especially in spinach that was heated cool downed then reheated. Nitrites can prevent you blood hemoglobin from carrying necessary oxygen through YOU BODY, it important to know while these nitrites are dangerous for adults, they are incredibly dangerous for an infant from 0 to 6 months if they do infest food with nitrites there are more likely to develop the blue baby syndrome

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