15 Daily Things That Can Harm Your Health

Plastic food containers

– Frequent washing, heating, and contact with food make the situation worse. The plastic becomes very toxic and dangerous.


Research has proven that when a person adjusts the tie, the pressure in their eyes increases, which leads to such a serious problem as glaucoma.


– Recent research has found out that many candles which are paraffin-based emit fumes that are toxic, such as benzene. It isn’t likely to kill you, but try to maintain good ventilation when lighting candles.

Antibacterial soap

Antibacterial soap is no more than a marketing trick. Research shows that any bacteria can be washed off your hands with a simple soap.

Nonstick cookware

The perfluorinated chemicals used to create the nonstick cover on your frying pan are not dangerous by themselves. However, when the temperature exceeds 446 degrees F, the frying surface extracts a certain amount of the volatile substances.

Vitamin C in candies

– If candies boast vitamin C as an ingredient, don’t hurry to grab them from the store shelf. In fact, this element is ascorbic acid, which tends to soften the enamel of your teeth if you keep the candies in your mouth for a prolonged period of time.


– Pay close attention to the ingredients of mascara when you buy a new one. Some of the components, like paragons, aluminum powder, and propylene glycol, may be very dangerous for the health of your eyes


– Millions of people love wearing this simple pair of shoes every day, but Crocs do not provide essential stability for the heel. An unfixed heel can lead to many different problems, such as toe deformities, the formation of calluses, and foot pain.

Laser printer

– About 40 percent of such printers have a feature harmful for your health. They emit small toner particles. When you inhale them, your lungs get as much damage as smoking cigarettes causes.

Bright lights

– If you use fluorescent lights or if you tend to over-illuminate your house, serious health problems can appear. Headaches, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, chronic tiredness, and even erectile dysfunction can stem from such type of lighting.

Contact lenses

– When a lens is put into your eye, it blocks the oxygen from getting to your eye tissue. It definitely can’t be called a positive influence. It can lead to dryness and pain in your eyes and even inflict damage to the corneas.

Office desk

– Scientists have conducted research which included the procedure of swabbing desks in offices. They have found about 21,000 germs per one square inch.


-Slight bouncing is a natural protection of your joints – it is shock-absorbing and therefore reduces pressure. What is more, if your pair of jeans is too tight, and you wear it for a long time, it can cause the compression of muscles and nerves.

Using the toilet

  • Progress has brought us many unhealthy habits – including sitting on the toilet incorrectly. With a 90-degree angle in your hips, the natural passage of the intestines is disrupted and practically sealed off.

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